Lightbulb Comparisons

The Lighting of the Future ... Available Today!  Let's Compare:

Incandescent Light bulb vs. LED


A 60 Watt Incandescent Bulb Should be Good For 1,000 Hours of Lighting

Fluorescent Bulb VS LED


A 15 Watt Fluorescent Bulb Should be Good For 5,000 Hours of Lighting

LED lightbulb Cost Comparison


A 7 Watt LED Bulb Will be Good For > 50,000 Hours of Lighting

The three bulbs above are comparable, except that the 7 watt LED bulb will give you the most light for the lowest possible cost, and it will last up to 10 times longer. LED bulbs are far superior to regular bulbs in applications that require frequent on/off cycles or where dimming is required without a change in lighting tint. LED bulbs can also be focused without having to use external reflectors and can operate in low temperatures.

Let’s Compare Light Bulb Types

Here’s a comparison of ordinary (in use everywhere) light bulbs with comparable LED bulbs to quantify the tremendous savings in watts that you can expect by simply converting your facility over to new, hi-tech LED lighting!

Incandescent Bulbs
60 Watts
100 Watts
LED Bulbs
7 Watts
9 Watts
53 Watts
91 Watts
CFL Fluorescents
19.7 Watts
LED Bulbs
12.7 Watts
T-12 Flurorescent Tubes
40 Watts
LED Bulbs
15 Watts
25 Watts
Mercury Vapor Bulbs
450 Watts
LED Bulbs
120 Watts
330 Watts
These savings occur each and every time you turn on one of these bulbs. How many of these bulbs do you currently have in your facility? Doesn’t it make sense that the fewer watts you use to light your premises, the less money you are going to spend each month by using LED Lights (since all of your lighting costs are computed in watts)?