Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Services

A LED retrofit converts the lighting in your facility from fluorescents and incandescents to LEDs. The new LED installations provide better lighting and reduce the lighting portion of standard utility bills by 40-50 percent.

Sunbright LED Will Provide:

  • A free lighting survey and energy usage audit of your facility.

  • A personal walk-through of the entire LED conversion process.

  • A detailed computation of the return on your LED investment.

  • Available financing with NO down payment.

  • The complete installation of your new LED lighting plus the removal and proper disposal of your old lighting.

  • Preparation and filing of all paperwork necessary to receive your energy rebate from your local energy provider (power company) plus assistance in computing the tax savings for your state and/or federal tax deductions or credits available from your LED conversion.

  • A full five (5) year unconditional warranty on all installed LED lighting.

A LED retrofit does not require a lighting redesign, and structural changes are rarely made to accommodate the retrofits. On most occasions, the retrofit will use the existing lighting system. Each fixture will be re-wired to accommodate the new LED bulbs. For fluorescent fixtures, the new LED fixtures are directly wired into the supply, eliminating the ballast. 

The LED retrofitting process is done with minimal disruption to the operation of the company. If necessary, the conversion can be completed out of regular working hours. The length of time needed for a full retrofit is dependent on the size of the project — from a few days up to a month. The full financial payback from these conversions is seen after 12-18 months.

LEDs offered by Sunbright are DLC-listed and UL/CUL-certified. Sunbright offers a 5-year or 50,000-hour warranty (whichever occurs first) on all products that we install. With normal use of the LEDs (8 – 10 hours/day), the bulbs will last as long as 20 years. Our sourcing has been tried and tested over several years, and we have less than a 1% return.

Sunbright LED electrical contractors are licensed, insured and bonded. We carry a $5 million dollar liability insurance, which is well above the insurance carried by the electrical contractors.