Energy Savings with LED Lighting

How Power Companies Compute Customer Bills


Your electric bill is computed on how many kilowatt hours of energy you use in any given month. The higher the kilowatt hours used, the higher your electric bill will be. The biggest electrical expense for your business is likely lighting. The higher the wattage on the lighting you are currently using, the more electricity it will take to provide that lighting. Doesn’t it make sense to use lighting that will draw the least amount of watts, yet give you the most amount of lighting at the lowest cost?

A 7 watt LED bulb (good for a minimum of 50,000 hours of operation) will give you the same or more light as a:

  • 15 watt fluorescent bulb (5,000 hours of operation)
  • 60 watt incandescent bulb (1,000 hours of operation)

A 7 watt LED bulb consumes 90% less power than a comparable 60 watt incandescent bulb. How many incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are you currently using in your facility?

A changeover to LED lighting is going to directly reduce your monthly electric bills by up to 70%!